We are Social Nation

Social Nation are a social media, influencer and creative agency based in the UK. With 15 years of experience collectively in managing both influencer and brand’s social media accounts, we have the tools and knowledge to help grow your follower numbers, engagement levels and increase website traffic massively.

If it’s creative you want we can do that too, anything from branded videos and imagery to personalised cartoons Social Nation will ensure a high level of customer service and value for money alongside a great return on investment for any business.

Our Impact

Using our resources, we have helped redefine, improve and sustain countless business’ and organisations. This has helped us to establish a community amongst our clients. Ensuring that the correct client works with the appropriate organisation with similar demographics of the client – which boosts, in turn, boosts figures exponentially.

Million pounds generated

We have perfected the craft of social media marketing – ensuring businesses happy and keep on returning for future business opportunities.

Years serving clients and businesses

With many more years to come.

Brands worked with

Social Nation has worked with countless amounts of diverse brands and organisations.

What is sponsored social media?

Sponsored social media is when a brand pays for a guaranteed placement on an influencers social media platform, such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or Facebook. The brand will have total control over the content the influencer posts and can also decide on the date and time that the post goes live. However, at Social Nation, we are more than happy to offer advice on the best time to post and the content that’s likely to create most engagement, we work closely with all our brands to ensure they’re looked after every step of the way! Posts can be media rich with texts, images or videos attached, it will be brand specific and the aim is to target your ideal demographic and provide a direct link to your social media accounts and point of sale to increase website traffic and in turn sales. Our aim is to provide a 100% return on investment.

What is social media account management?

Social media is new to many, but to millennials, it’s all that they know. Social media is the only way to specifically target the younger generation. We understand that while you’re busy running your company, you may not have time to run your brand’s social media accounts effectively. Some brands rely upon this as their only form of marketing so it’s hugely important you keep your page growing and engaging and that you reply to all queries immediately as this truly is the ‘right now’ generation. Leave it up to Social Nation to do this for you as you put all your efforts into the day to day running of your company.

Endorsement deals and large campaigns

An endorsement deal between a brand and a celebrity is where the brand is permitted to use the influencers name and likeness as part of the product and to advertise and promote the product regularly, they become almost ‘the face’ of the brand. This would include a set amount of the influencer’s time for the brand to use as they wish e.g. photoshoots, press days and marketing activities, PA’s, signings, exhibitions etc. It would also include a certain amount of social posts from them per week across all platforms, mentions in the press wherever possible.

Aside from endorsement deals, many brands will run large campaigns with us. This is where the brand will give us a set budget to do with as we please and to use on multiple influencers, with this budget we will assign influencers that fit the brands demographic and complete all the work on the brands behalf, creating great content and engaging captions for them ensuring they make a great return on investment.

Return on investment

An engaging sponsored social media post carrying a direct link to a website is an extremely effective way of gaining website traffic. You could typically expect to generate anything between 1-3% click-through rate of the total number of social media followers that an influencer has within 7 days of the original posting. An example of this would be someone with 2 million followers could potentially bring 20,000 people to the website and if just 2% of those people were to go on to purchase (which is a low conversion rate) then you’d have made 400 sales. We aim to deliver every brand a 100% return on investment. We understand that in every single partnership, everybody needs to make money!

How it works

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